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The Batfish (pictured) is an elegant tropical fish found in the most pristine coral reefs of the Indo-Pacific region. Michael Patrick O'Neill photographed this specimen in Kimbe Bay, Papua New Guinea.

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So much better to see the endangered #GreatHammerhead #Shark up close, proud, wild and free, than struggling at the end of an idiot's fishing line, like I did recently in a Youtube video filmed last week in Singer Island, Florida. Protected in state waters, the Great Hammerhead, if caught, must be released immediately by cutting the line and not dragged, tail-roped, to shore for moronic “Hero” (aka “Little Man” photos), measuring, or so called “research” (There are already plenty of more competent and smarter people doing it in much less stressful ways). Studies have shown this species frequently dies after catch and release fishing due to a build up of lactic acid - especially in warm water. To add insult to injury, these sharks were intentionally targeted (despite being a no-take species in Florida). Lastly, having had Hammers four days in a row hunting Blacktips in spectacular fashion, I charted a boat yesterday for $800 hoping for additional (and outstanding) drone footage and found none. I wonder why??? ©Michael Patrick O’Neill / www.mpostock.com #Nikon #SingerIsland #Florida #Hammerhead Ride for the day filming and photographing Blacktip Sharks, bait balls and other goodies. © Michael Patrick O’Neill / www.mpostock.com #Nikon #fisheye #SingerIsland #Florida #contenderboatsofficial #palmbeach #slobcityinc Very nice to see my photo on the cover of next month’s Ranger Rick Magazine, published by the National Wildlife Federation and a showcase for outstanding wildlife photography. I remember reading Ranger Rick as a little kid and getting inspired to become involved in nature and exploration. About the photo: I made this photo of courting Sea Horses a few years ago just south of the little Blue Heron Bridge (BHB) in Singer Island, FL. Over the last several years, the BHB has become one of the most popular dive sites in North America due to its prolific and unusual marine life. ©Michael Patrick O’Neill / www.mpostock.com / @mpophotography #Nikon #SeaHorse #SingerIsland #Florida #naturephotography Springtime is #LeatherbackSeaTurtle time in #Florida. Big males like this one (estimated at well over 1,000 lbs. and 7 ft. in length), are very curious and if you’re lucky, will come in for a close look - an unforgettable experience. Enjoy and protect. ©Michael Patrick O’Neill / www.mpostock.com #Nikon #fisheye #seaturtle #Jupiter #Leatherback #scuba A trio of #LargemouthBass rests in thick cover in a north #Florida #spring. To get this photo, I had to crawl underneath a carpet of plants and branches, and when I was within photographic range, I realized an alligator was resting literally right on top of me, with its tail hanging by my head. © Michael Patrick O’Neill / www.mpostock.com #Nikon #fisheye #bassfishing #bass #freshwater #sportfishing #fishing #fisheye #catchandrelease @lakeforkguy #blackbass I saw a few of these hunt this past week. Words that come to mind: cunning, intelligent, and lightning fast. ©Michael Patrick O’Neill / www.mpostock.com #GreatHammerhead #shark #Jupiter #Florida #Nikon #fisheye

2002 Teira Batfish (Platax teira) and sea fan


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