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The Batfish (pictured) is an elegant tropical fish found in the most pristine coral reefs of the Indo-Pacific region. Michael Patrick O'Neill photographed this specimen in Kimbe Bay, Papua New Guinea.

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From the files: Good friend & gifted photographer Laz Ruda @thelivingsea up a photo of a very grumpy Silky during a lightning / electrical storm offshore Jupiter, FL. This is an imperfect photo that brings back great memories. There was so much electricity in the air the boat was literally buzzing. This particular shark stayed w us for hours. I unfortunately deleted the original raw file so this is what's left. Copyright Michael Patrick O'Neill / www.mpostock.com #sharks #sharkdiving #florida #palmbeach #silky #freediving #ocean Some memorable moments from this week. Copyright Michael Patrick O'Neill / www.mpostock.com #florida #blacktip #beach #palmbeach #sharks #blacktipshark #drone #aerial #4k #dji #phantom3professional At the beach w #blacktip #sharks Slim pickings yesterday looking for sawfish. We spent three hours uw looking and only found one. This uncropped  photo is from last week. I was able to get right next to this beautiful female and fill the frame of my fisheye lens. They are remarkable creatures that need to be protected along with their habitat - inshore reefs and brackish estuaries. The Great Hammerhead used to be my favorite elasmobranch but now I just might have a new one 😉Copyright Michael Patrick O'Neill / www.mpostock.com #saltlife #scubadiving #sawshark #sawfish #NikonD4 #NikonNoFilter #florida #ocean @discoversharks @discoverocean @scubadivingmag @oceana A Small Tooth Sawfish glides over the sandy bottom of a deep Florida reef in crystal clear conditions last week. It was swimming very slowly, and I was able to cautiously approach and fill the frame of my 16mm Nikon Fisheye w it. Uncontrolled net fishing and the destruction of inshore habitats like mangrove lagoons have virtually wiped them out. Protected in Florida, their population here is supposedly stable but greatly reduced. In 25 years of making photos, this sea monster is one of the coolest things I have ever photographed. Copyright Michael Patrick O'Neill / www.mpostock.com #NikonNoFilter #sharkdiving #fisheye #florida #aquaticadigital #sawfish #sawshark #scubadiving #shark #nature #saltlife Something different: Yesterday I participated in a photo shoot with two New York @Mets players, Sean Gilmartin and Steve Matz. We had a ton of fun. In this photo, Sean retrieves what’s left of his #barracuda after the “taxman” took a big bite out of it. ©Michael Patrick O’Neill / www.mpostock.com US Copyright Office Reg. 1-4422603581 #NikonNoFilter #baseball #sportfishing #SingerIsland #PalmBeach #springtraining #mets

2002 Teira Batfish (Platax teira) and sea fan


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